At Four Financial Management, you are the "A" client.  We have built our firm around retirees and pre-retirees with portfolios in the $1M - $5M range.  Our programs and practices are exclusive to these families.  

Does Your Advisor Truly Put You First?

  • Are you "Top of Mind" for planning new ideas?

  • Are you in competition with other clients with bigger portfolios?

  • How long does it take for your advisor to get back to you?

  • Do you feel you are not an "A" client?
  • Has your account performance suffered due to inaction or neglect?

  • Is your advisor spending as much time thinking about you as he is thinking how to get better clients?

  • Does your advisor only seem to call when they want to sell something?



We have built a communication infrastructure so that our clients are "in the know"

  • Same day return calls
  • 24/7 access to advisor
  • Quarterly performance reviews
  • Proactive communication
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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We may or may not be a match for you.  Our Beliefs: 

  • Integrated, family-office approach
  • United volatility investments
  • Downside protection
  • Strategies based on university endownment funds. 
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Customized Solutions

We don't adhere to the "one-size fits all" approach offered by most other advisors.

We craft customized strategies for you and your family including:

  • Bespoke Retirement Planning
  • Family Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management
  • Integrated Insurance Solutions
  • Customized Estate Plans

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Your Goals. Our Strategies.

Discover an array of services for all your financial needs.

Getting from point A to point B as safe as possible

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Controlled Volatility, University Endowment Model, Downside Protection.

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Planning and preparation.

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Full legacy planning services

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Helpful Content

At your current firm, you may be in competition for your advisor's attention... and you may feel like just a number...

At Four Financial Management, we want you to succeed.

  •  Experienced Advisors (20-35 years)

  •  Fiduciaries that put you first

  •  We manage the finances of hundreds of families across the country

  •  We specialize in retirees & pre-retirees with portfolios ranging from $1M - $5M

  •  Integrated Planning, Investments, Taxes, Insurance & Estate Planning

Make The Change

Step 1

Step 1

Introductory Call or Meeting 

  • In Person Meeting
  • Virtual Meeting
Step 2

Step 2

Assessment of Current Financial Status

  • Planning Review
  • Portfolio Review
  • Tax Analysis
  • Insurance Review
  • Estate Review
Step 3

Step 3

  • Review Proposed Changes
  • How We Would Manage
  • Proposed Portfolio & Planning
  • Implementation

Your finances & investments are important...

Don't allow them to be overlooked and treated as second-class citizens.

Choose a firm that puts you at the top of the list.

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